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Cube starts with a jolt, and ends on a whisper: a highly post-modern tale of sci-fi.
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) this movie didn't just scare me as a child -- it radically altered my world; nightmares, imagined isolation, and the oddest sensation of someone upstairs staring at a metronome... waiting...
The Kingdom I+II an epic, 9 hour journey so mad, i was positively inspired to cheer. at part-I's conclusion, there was question of whether to continue -- the madness grows rather intense :P
Madonna - Drowned World Tour is it even possible she could have failed? i don't know what i was expecting, but this is not a concert -- it's an experience.
Exotica a deeply complex portrait of consequence and human frailty. this is beautiful cinema, with a final scene that cannot be praised enough.
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Alien this movie is classic in every sense of the word- the first, and arguably the best, of the Alien series.
Aliens as sequels are wont to be, this one is sorta cheesy.. and definitely made in the 80's. the storyline is progressed tho and the bonus interview with James Cameron is interesting.
Alien 3 this movie is -way- too ponderous... the story seems to die in this installment. (heh, literally)
Alien Resurrection no plot + kickass special effects = "ok" movie
Backdraft now this was an -awesome- movie. the first to use digital fire (word_up ILM). Hans Zimmer contributes an amazing score.
Being John Malkovich this movie doesn't just entertain, it literally warps the mind. not sure it holds enough substance to merit more than one viewing tho... [update: it didn't. i sold it. ]
Black Sunday (The Mask of Satan) hehe. i bought this old 1960 horror movie so i'd have an excuse to go visit a friend (sawp eric :P). it had some incredible scenes for its day; it has one -d0pe- intro... sorta gets boring after that, but the end picks up a bit.
Candyman i liked this movie. the villian isn't really well-defined, but on the whole, the story carries, and the score is rather nice too.
Casino if violent fare isn't your cup-o-tea, then avoid this one...
Con Air John Malkovich stars in it. what more need i say? :P
Devil's Advocate "vanity is *definitely* my favorite sin." Al Pacino plays a wonderfully devious Satan.
Die Hard another classic 'must-own' flick. Willis was younger and more agile in this one...
Die Hard With A Vengeance ok, i bought this one because of Samuel L. Jackson... and i have to admit, i was disappointed. the plot was thin, the effects low-budget, and bruce willis just looks out of shape.
8mm the movie moves sorta slow and seems to be building toward a massive climax.. but it just doesn't come through in the end. something was missing here...
Elizabeth the first time i watched this, it was boring. the second time, the history seemed a bit more interesting... the acting is superb tho.
Event Horizon a bad flick. i really liked the trailers when they aired, but the disc didn't even include those! don't buy this one.
The Exorcist ok, i'm not sure what all the hype was for, but as a historical piece, i don't regret owning this movie. i just haven't watched it more than once.
Fallen another bad flick. there were one or two moments i actually did enjoy, but flat sets and unemotional dialogue don't hold me for long.
The Game wow... and "Wow!" this film was incredible. michael douglas ownz pretensity, and the visuals are a compelling delight.
GoodFellas another mob flick in the same vein as Casino. Pesci took an oscar for his supporting role in it.
In The Name Of The Father this is a powerful movie- a true story even. and i love the songs by U2/Sinead.
Interview With The Vampire there's something captivating about both the storyline and the acting in this film. Intriguingly, it doesn't take you where you expect it to...
The Matrix heh heh. "noone can be told what the matrix is... you have to see it for yourself." ...one of my favorite movies.
Mimic this movie started out pretty good, but the beasts/roaches seemed like little more than cgi...
The Negotiator Samuel L. Jackson... hehe, what more need i say? (although i am thoroughly sick of the word "hostage-taker" now...)
Picnic At Hanging Rock Peter Weir's 1975 masterpiece is lyricly haunting on a grand scale -- highly enjoyable and highly recommended.
Predator ahh yes. classic, classic, classic... the effects are cheesy, the dialogue deliciously terse, and the camerawork is hokey... gotta love the 80's :P
Psycho (38th anniversary collector's edition) this is the original Hitchcock masterpiece- The One To Own. i don't see why anyone would bother to remake it.
Pulp Fiction this movie definez 'd0pe'. the dialogue is brilliant. the film is well cast. and the Tarantino's direction is superb. Samuel L. Jackson is one -bad- m0f0.
Requiem For A Dream "can i get you some tasty beverage to wash that Madness down!?"

a wonderfully harrowing depiction of drug-abuse...
Saving Private Ryan the movie was good.. but it dragged on at parts. i was thoroughly bored with the opening sequence. i LOVED the John Williams score tho.
Scarface heh, i can see why this movie was so popular in its day- Al Pacino has always been a great actor. odd, how cubans are still an issue in miami today...
The Silence of the Lambs this movie was alright. it didn't really live up to the hype tho. i've seen scarier stuph on tv...
The Sixth Sense Shyamalan's debut had a slightly underdeveloped edge. still, the ending was pleasantly surprising, and i found myself returning to watch it again.
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut i expected this to be a forgettable movie... surprise, surprise: those little guys are bust-a-gut-hilarious :P
Star Trek: Insurrection -not a good movie- even if you're a star trek fan, this one is sure to dissappoint. the only people i know who appreciated it were kiddies...
There's Something About Mary what a great flick. seeing Puffy on crack was worth the price alone. the music video and outtakes are equally hilarious.
007: Tomorrow Never Dies James Bond is the mackdaddy. and his toys are pimp too. Check the awesome car chase with its Moby-inspired music piece...
007: The World Is Not Enough someone needs to slap Michael Apted. absurdly flat FX made this anticlimatic movie even more disappointing. what was he smoking? "suck."

[Eric's note: What rue really means it that he was expecting Denise Richards to show her boobs, and she didn't, so he was *majorly* disappointed. I mean, hey, she showed her boobs in Wild Things, so why not a Bond movie. "suck." ]
The Truman Show "*gasp* Jim Carrey can act." a very well done movie... and the only one i own to carry a PG rating :P

[update: uh, i just noticed Star Trek is too. my bad. ]
Unbreakable Shyamalan paints understatement so beautifully, it's in a league all its own.
Underworld - Everything, Everything Live trance to ambient, and all shades in-between -- only one word would suffice this genre-defining UK trio:    superior.
The Wedding Singer this movie was a given to me as a gift...
Adam Sandler has his moments, i'm sure... unfortunately this movie isn't one of them. unless you have a terminal disease, a dog named Shelly, or the insane desire to see every Sandler flick ever made, i'd suggest you waste your money elsewhere...
Wild Things hehe. w00- intrigue with an appropriate blend of sex. gotta love it.
The X-Files: Fight The Future yo- its the X-Files. how could you -not- like it!?
The X-Files Season 1 Gift Set
(7 discs)
praise allah- it's finally here! the episodes that sparked the Friday-night phenomena complete with all the original commercial_spots. digitally mastered with deleted footage and totally kickass packaging, there's little to ponder: you *must* own this :P